Student Service (छात्र सेवाएं)
Sr.No. (क्रम संख्या)Process (प्रक्रिया)Action (कार्रवाई)
1 Generate Token Go (आगे बढ़ें)
2 Fill Form Go (आगे बढ़ें)
3 Pay Fee OR Double Verify Your Payment Go (आगे बढ़ें)
4 Check Status Go (आगे बढ़ें)

Important Instructions :

1.Student service has been open from Monday to Friday only.

2.In case of any difficulty related to filling of Student Service Application form, please email to with subject STUDENT SERVICE APPLICATION Form Issue

3.Student are requested to check the application status after making the payment.

4.Each and every Payment ID has been dispalyed on payment page after entering the details of application.

5.Double verification is used to update the payment status from bank.

6.After using Double Verification student are advised to check the application status.